We are excited to release our programs, schedule, and membership options for the 2019/20 Winter Session at Stieber Elite Wrestling Academy. The Winter Session will include NOVICE and ELITE practice groups, ensuring that each wrestler develops properly and reaches their full potential. Registration for the Winter Session will open on Tuesday, October 8th at 4:00pm!





Focusing on the foundations of wrestling, both technically and competitively, our Youth program will focus on teaching kids the fundamentals of wrestling as well as introduce them to advanced techniques and practice structures.

Junior High and High School

Focusing on specialization, our Junior High and High School program will be intense and goal-oriented, helping each wrestler reach their full potential and achieve their state, national, and international goals.


The Jennings Wrestling Complex

Stieber Elite Wrestling Academy practices will be held at the state-of-the-art Jennings Wrestling Complex located on the campus of The Ohio State University*. The Jennings Wrestling Complex provides SEWA with five NCAA regulation mats. The Jennings Wrestling Complex will allow our athletes to practice and train in one of the premier wrestling facilities in the world.

*SEWA is not affiliated with The Ohio State University or the Ohio RTC.